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About Us

Family RV was incorporated in 1991 by individuals dedicated to servicing the needs of the RV consumer. The needs of the consumer have always been the same--receive quality service and products at reasonable prices. Most RV facilities are dedicated mainly to selling RV's and the service department is set up to handle the sales volume. When sales decrease normally so does the service.
Family RV has been set up as a service facility and is dedicated to quality service for its customers. Quality service has led customers to demand other products such as rentals, sales and accessories.

Rental units including travel trailers, 5th wheels and Class A and C motor homes (newest rental fleet in the Bay Area)
Full sales facility for travel trailers, 5th Wheels and Class A and C motor homes
A fully staffed service with service bays and body shop
A friendly staff of employees ready to serve you
At Family RV we want you to feel at home and enjoy the experience of professional service, quality products, and a friendly smile. This is what we look for in a company. It is what you should expect in an RV dealership.