Smith Commercial Management, Inc.

Smith Commercial Management, Inc.



About Us

Mitsie Smith co-founded the company in early 2007 with seasoned property and construction management professionals who have been in the business since the 1980s. With this experience we established a vision, projecting a powerful company built on three equally important pillars:

We are some of the very best professionals in the industry due to our extraordinary knowledge, problem-solving skills, creativity, and commitment to service excellence.

We are driven by our belief in the power of teamwork. Our company exists to make properties and projects successful. We hold fast, in all we do, to a set of deeply rooted values which include:

We are people of character; we do the right thing.
True teamwork supports creativity and problem-solving.
We must deliver excellence in all we do.
We thirst for knowledge.
Good work is its own reward.
Our work should build personal and collective value and happiness.
Professional Business Management
Commercial real estate is sometimes risky. Only with the highest quality management are properties able to provide the highest return on a client?s investment. By imposing stringent business controls we minimize that risk and provide systematic, manageable processes. We establish and execute real estate strategies with the highest degree of success.

Our company exists to make your property perform at the highest and best standard. We are able to use our energy and creativity to improve the asset, to seamlessly incorporate changing requirements, to look ahead, and to execute flawlessly.