Hope Services



About Us

We provide comprehensive services to more than 3,700 individuals with developmental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, mental retardation, Down's syndrome and other related conditions.

HOPE Services was established in 1952 as a non-profit to empower individuals who have developmental disabilities to live, work, and participate fully in their communities. Today, HOPE is recognized as a social enterprise agency, earning $40 million a year in revenue to support their mission. HOPE delivers high quality, cost effective out-sourcing solutions to businesses and government agencies. These sustainable social enterprises create meaningful jobs for clients that include green re-use and recycling initiatives; retail operations; production and assembly; supply chain logistics; packaging; fulfillment; facility maintenance; and staffing. HOPE?s client services are comprehensive from birth to seniors, including job training and placement; counseling; children?s services; after-school programs; community living; and day programs. Hope Services creates innovative training and employment programs for people with developmental disabilities, countering the 87 percent rate of unemployment that is statistical for this segment of the population. HOPE in turn provides a trusted partner for businesses who can provide jobs for HOPE clients. Business partners range from start-ups through global enterprises in most major markets, sectors and industries. HOPE specializes in project-based, hourly, trainable, and extremely reliable, low turn-over workforce teams. Contact us for info!