Monterey Mushrooms, INC



About Us

The Morgan Hill Farm of Monterey Mushrooms has been operating at the corner of Miramonte and Hale Ave. since 1966. From this location between 400-450,000 lbs. of fresh mushrooms are grown, packed and shipped to customers on the West Coast each week. 100 % of the production of the farm is certified organic by CCOF and the Farm is proud to announce that they recently passed the Primus Global Food Safety Audit with a score of 98 %. Production is equally divided between the traditional white “ Button” mushroom and brown Baby Bella mushrooms. The Farm operates 24 hrs. per day/ 365 days per year and employs approx. 400 people. We have been a part of the Morgan Hill Community for over half a century and look forward to continuing to work with our local customers, vendors and neighbors for many years to come.